Casing Head

Casing head is a kind of part of connecting casings and wellheads. It is used as supporting the weight of technical casing and oil string casing ,sealing the annular space between the casings, It provides a transition joint for the tubing head, Christmas tree and other wellheads, It can also supply cement, monitor and control well’s sinking, inject balance liquids etc through the two side outlet on the casing head housing.

Providing attachment to the surface casing string through the type of bottom connection (Slip-on-weld, threaded, Sliploc), the casing head is typically qualified to withstand up to 10,000 psi working pressure. It suspends the casing and packs off the next casing string while providing annular outlets, as well as supporting the BOP while drilling the remaining stages.

The casing head produced by our company is a standard structure, in which the casing hanger produced by our company is fitted, The casing hanger can be elected on size according to the casing procedure and the change of well head condition. On the upper of the casing heads sets all API 6B or API 6BX flange.

The bottom connection of the casing head shall be either API perfect circle thread casing box or API standard trapeziform casing threaded box, socket welded connection and slip type connection as well.It can be provided with weld-group supporting baseplate.

Side outlets are provided with pipeline threaded connection and bolted connection, bolted side outlet is machined with female thread of VR valve-changer.

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